Open Street Amsterdam (the longest pike)

Rafał Mleczak from SpinMad caught the longest pike Open Street Amsterdam Competition! We have to talk you about this! 

When Rafał arrived on the lucky place he was using the SpinMad Wir 10g tail spinner in ‘natural perch’ colour. He felt strong attack and fish on a rod. He was so excited but a few second later the big pike released himself… Rafał was angry because he didn’t use a wire. The pike cut a 0,35 mm fluorocarbon!

It was horrible… Rafał was sad because he lost amazing fish and his favourite lures in good colour. Ten minutes later he caught a nice perch over 30 cm on SpinMad Jigmaster 8g, but he wasn’t satisfied, because he was still thinking about these pike.

About 30 minutes after this situation he changed the lures. He used a SpinMad Jigmaster 24g tail spinner. And he felt attack in first throw! Unbelievable! He was fighting with nice pike again! We had to find a place where we could pull out the pike. Few minutes later we get him!

We couldn’t believe that… it was a very nice pike with two SpinMad lures into a mouth! Unbelievable! This pike took the SpinMad lures two times! Amazing story! Rafał was sooo excited and glad! He retrieved fish and the lucky lures!

He will remember about this incident for years… In this way was caught the longest pike of Open Street Amsterdam this year! 

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