Open Street Amsterdam (competition)

Emotions, adrenaline and great fun! By this few words we can describe Open Street Amsterdam ’17 competition! 

In this edition of this amazing competition took part 120 European fishermen! We could feel a high level of modern fishing in the air. We met a lot of good and experienced street fishing fighter! It was amazing… Everyone knew what was important in this kind of fishing competition. Every fishermen were prepared to fishing a lot and they felt so naturally in this method of fishing.

The competition started at 9 a.m. At the beginning we had been trying to catch perches, because it was easier in our opinion. We had been using a good SpinMad lures so we had three good perches in short time.

Rafał caught our the biggest perch near 40 cm on SpinMad Jigmaster 12g! Sooner we were finding a bigger fish.

Rafał had still believed in big pike and he had right! Two hours before the end of the competition a big pike took the SpinMad Jigmaster 24g lure what was on Rafał rod!

It was amazing story but we are going to describe you this situation tomorrow. We were so glad these moment. But we didn’t predict the final situation… When we heard a final score we was in shock! Rafał caught the bigger fish of the Open Street Amsterdam competition! It was a nice feeling!

We are glad that our SpinMad lures were effective and gave us a lot of nice fish these day. For example, during the competition Rafał caught a five nice fish on four models the SpinMad tail spinners! Amazing! We would like to thanks all competitors for participation in the OSA competition… We had pleasure to fish with you guys! We would like to congratulation to organizers the competition and all sponsors who supported OSA. You are great! 

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