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Spinning tail Crazy Bug 4g is an imitation of an insect designed for lovers of finesse fishing. Realistic design, variety of natural colours, small size and lively work are qualities which perch, trout and chub are unable to resist. 

Communing with nature, the attempt to understand it and to benefit from it are main factors that we have in mind when producing our baits. In our attempt to get closer to nature, we have prepared a series of baits CRAZY BUG that are imitation of worms, insects and beetles. The main goal of this series was to create a series of lures resembling natural food of many fish species. CRAZY BUG baits have been designed for fishing in shallow fishing ground in surface waters and in the body of water. 

The model fishing grounds are intimate trout brooks, middle and large lowland rivers, tightly covered reservoirs of standing water. CRAZY BUG baits are preferably carried out at the rocky straps, on the reefs, in the area of underwater obstacles or overhanging trees. In standing waters and among water lilies, underwater plants and reed. The use of proper design and balance result in exemplary accuracy of throws, immediate work and many variants of conduct. Due to the light weight, free fall, interesting colour options and the possibility of ghosting, spinning tails CRAZY BUG represent a certain proposal for hunters for trout, chub, perch and pike.






Treble no.


4 g

57 mm


size: 1


SKAT 6 g
Tips SKAT 6 g

It is a heavier model of vertical jigs designed for enthusiasts of fishing under the ice. Guided in short gentle movements it goes to the sides as a small fish and comes back to the vertical position making smaller or bigger curves. 

When fish do not feed well use potential of a vertical jig. Tap the vertical jig on the bottom and hung it 15 cm over it. After a while, if there is no fish apply a simple, effective technique using the advantages of a vertical jig. Take away the bait from the view of the fish raising it fluentlu a meter, a meter and a half up and hold on for a short while. Then start pulling down the bait which, thanks to the curved wing, works while falling down and turns around its own axis. One should expect catching most often at the final phase of the falling or soon after stopping near the bottom.


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