Before the purchase, please read the regulations. You will find there the rules for selling, know the methods of ordering our products and ways of payment. 

1) The way you may order  our products:

a) First method of ordering our products is to fill in the form  which is available at the bottom of each of our products. To send the form with the inquiry about the product it is necessary to fulfill all demanded blanks. When ordering, please precisely define which product you are interested in, give the number of ordered products and size (in case of clothing). Please, define also the way of payment and the way the product is to be sent to you. 

b) You can order the product by sending a direct e-mail message to the address: Please, however, give us in the e-mail all the details concerning the order. 

2) Available methods of paymenti:

a) Payment for gadgets may be transferred directly to the bank account:

Recipient's name



08-106 ZBUCZYN


Account number

02 1240 2685 1111 0010 1888 7739


b) In case when you choose shipping ,,cash on delivery”, the amount should be paid when picking up the product. 

c) PayPal

E-mail address:

3) Type of shipping

a) courier shipping  (in case of pre-paid payment to the bank account ) – 12 zł

b) shipping ,,cash on delivery” – 15 zł

c) when you order products for the sum of more than 100 zł – shipping is free

4) Time of reailzation

a) products which we have on stock we send within three working days

b) in case when some product is out of stock, we reserve the month time of realization of the order

5) Claims

Sizes of the clothing are presented in detail in the charts. We do not accept claims, thus we kindly ask you to do a thoughtful shopping. 

Enjoy the shopping!









Enquiry form


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